Clients We Serve: The Wellness Center

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April 7, 2016
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August 17, 2016

Clients We Serve: The Wellness Center

Several of the clients we serve are brand new in the non-profit world. Though they don’t yet have infrastructure or processes, they certainly have big dreams and visions for changing and impacting the community in specific ways. That’s where we like to step in. Quarry Kingdom Development provides the framework for efficient administration so that a non-profit can focus fully on changing the world.

One of our newer clients is The Wellness Center, based in Bulverde. This brand new non-profit was birthed after its leaders became aware of the needs of the community through their work with food pantries, local thrift stores, and health services. What they noticed is that there was a strong need for affordable food and clothing, for mental health services, and for financial counseling and assistance. There were already several organizations doing this kind of work, but The Wellness Center began to ask the question: what if we put all these services under one umbrella?

Thus came the idea for The Commons – a campus that will house all these community services in one location.

The Wellness Center’s dream for The Commons is to provide holistic services to the community, all in one location, through the collaboration of agencies and organizations. Already, there are partnerships developing with Acacia Medical Mission, mental health counselors, Medicare counselors, food pantries, as well as pregnancy resource centers and nutrition ministries. There are hopes to provide laundry services, exercise classes, and have open rental space on the campus as well.

“We want to meet the holistic needs of the community, treat the whole person with dignity, and let them know that they are family,” says Michele Woodman, one of the leaders of The Wellness Center. “After talking with other agencies, we realized the value of working together to reach a common goal. Collaboration is for the best interest of the community.”

When asked how Quarry Kingdom Development has helped with the work of The Wellness Center, Woodman said that QKD “opens a lot of doors” because it means The Wellness Center “won’t be associated with one denomination or congregation.” This encourages a wider range of people to be involved.

Currently The Wellness Center is meeting with architects and potential partners with hopes of officially opening The Commons by spring 2017.

To other new non-profits, Woodman’s advice is: “Don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith when God calls you. You don’t know who else might want to join you and that journey is the best part.”

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The Wellness Center is still setting up their website and social media pages. We will post those links as they become available so you can keep up with their work. For more information, please contact Emily (